This part of the game is just a checkbox. Click on it to mark it as “completed”. But the starburst, the badge at the bottom, and the greater-than rule are all relational to that checkbox.

.check {
  display: grid;
  place-items: center;
.check > * {
    grid-row: 1;
    grid-column: 1;

Anything that wasn’t the checkbox also got a pointer-events: none added to it so clicks could still get through to the checkbox.

Then, I’d use a bit of positioning to move things around.

.starburst {
    top: -32px;

Anything else?

It’s easy to fall into a trap of scope creep. So many features I could add. This scorecard doesn’t stop you from making incorrect inputs. Where something is unlocked elsewhere on the board, it could highlight those moves. Where a move can automatically be made, it could make that move. I could set up the scorecard to be made available offline. I could even create a dice roller. Which leads to my final constraint…

I didn’t want to replicate the game entirely online. If people want to play the game, I hope they buy the game from the publisher and support their work. My project is intended to replicate the scorecard and just the scorecard.

The scorecard.

Published July 25, 2020
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